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“Estan louis y eleanor juntos?? Siguen bien como pareja?? Han roto? Porfavor contestame♥♥”

1- No sé // 2- Sí // 3- No

“Hey! Can you explain me the story of 'MICK GREENBERG', I didn't understand :$ xx”

Everything is explained in this post. :)

“Harrys true name i mean his name privat is not harry styles? And from the others?:OO”

What? His real name is Harry Styles and he uses Mick Greenberg as a pseudonym.

“Is Gemma with Anne because of the picture?”

I don’t know if she’s with Anne but I think the picture is from September 12th

“Is it true that "mick greenberg" is actually harry styles?”

Yes… :)

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