Welcome to this tumblr, a One Direction updates account. Here you can find all the news about the famous British band "One Direction" and the crew.

Many categories can be found. If you want to know anything about them or me, don't be shy and ask me ! :)


If I use YOUR pictures and videos, please let me know so I can CREDIT you !


“Do you know other update accounts on tumblr please ?”

onedhqcentral - the5boysnews - 1d-updatesandnews - 1dalerthq - 1dinfectionarg - 1ddaily-updates  :) 

“I want photos of the boys on tour when they are singing so i can see there New tattoos :)”

Haha yes, not long to wait now ;) 

“Your favourite Harry's hair ?”

At the TCA in August 2013 or when he wears a bandana. But either way I prefer him with “short” hair :)

“One Direction or 5 Seconds Of Summer ?”

One Direction. Honestly I don’t really care about 5SOS. They’re good but I’m not a fan.

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