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“I think it's rather creepy that fans know Harry's address. I mean why do you want to be a stalker? Leave the poor guy be.”

Knowing an address doesn’t mean you’re a stalker. And I’m sure it’s a private house with security. He’s a big celebrity and has a house in LA so I think it’s kind of hard to bother him when he’s at this house :) -Emeline

“If the anon really wants to know his address in LA, send me a message. It's not confirmed but I do know his supposed address there.”

For the anon :) -Emeline

“no I mean the house he bought in LA”

Oh right :) Someone will know one day that’s for sure :) -Emeline

“I'm surprised no one knows Harrys LA address yet”

Maybe he stays at friend’s house :) -Emeline

“Hiiii Emeline, always good to see you here, how are you? Lots of kisses for you and Sarah <3333”

Hey :) Thank you so much ! I’m good, but a bit tired, it’s almost 4am here haha Hope you’re great :) -Emeline 

“The girl said he goes to that motorcycle place apparently like all the time”

Yes I think he bought his motorcycle there :) -Emeline

“I'm trying to find something in LA with the 5 thats on the door between them in the picture it's hard!”

Good luck ! It’s not really easy :/ But maybe you’ll find out :) -Emeline

“Do you know any places harry often goes to in LA?”

Santa Monicao Boulevard and also Hollywood boulevard. But I can’t think of anything else right now -Emeline

“This fandom is better than the fucking FBI its great”

Yes hahaha -Emeline

“ohhhh do you know what its called?”

Nope sorry :/ But I don’t think there is a lot of motorcycle shops there. Try google :) -Emeline

“How do you know Harry was at a motor cycle shop? The girl who tweeted it said she couldn't say where it was”

Yes but other accounts said he was there on Santa Monica Boulevard :) -Emeline

“wow, how did you know where in la the fanpic was taken?”

Twitter :) -Emeline

“You posted four pics of Liam from the 27th, but one of them was from last year, not this week”

Yeah I saw it after haha It was in Australia I didn’t pay attention when I downloaded the pictures sorry :) -Emeline

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